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There are several online casinos which come up with sign-up bonuses when the player makes his first deposit, as well as while he plays. Such bonuses are marketing techniques developed by these online casinos that will have to incur an expense (mostly to attract more players to play and deposit again) but as the casino will be offering the money, it ensures that the player deposits a minimum amount which is, in normal cases the deposit’s multiple, or bonus that is credited added to the player’s bankroll as a wager or a form of commitment from the player. But for the welfare of the casino, certain casinos choose to keep a few games from fulfilling the wager requirements either by restricting risk-free games (games which after betting can result to an ensured profit). Online Casino Bonus Gratis is one of the major issues to be considered before playing online gambling and to avail the right website check through the reviews like Euro Grand casino review.


There are many types of bonuses. Some of them are, for instance, non-cashable bonuses; these types of bonuses are also known as “phantom” bonuses or “sticky” bonuses. These bonuses are added to the account of the player but one cannot cash in them. The only difference between the sticky and the phantom bonuses is that a phantom bonus will disappear when you cash out, whereas, until it is lost the sticky will stay in the account. Another type of bonus is called Comp points. Comps are usually used in land casinos but they are also available in online casinos. One can exchange these points for other comps, prizes or even cash. Online casinos sometimes offer comps like free tickets to certain online tournaments, souvenirs, extra bonuses, special events, etc.

Collection of bonus can also be done by bonus hunting, which is a kind of advantage gambling where if one turns a profit from casinos, poker bonus situations and sportsbook are made mathematically possible. Another way is through bonus disputes, which regularly occurs between two gamblers even in land casinos Kerching Online Casino.

Bonuses allow the player to get extra cash or prizes that they have earned from the games that they play. This is prevalent in both land casinos as well as online casinos but as a customer, you should be very careful of the frauds that you may fall victim to.