Game and Young People

Although gambling and the problems that come with it are more identified with adults, studies show that more and more young people become addicted or experience problems that are connected game.

People, as young as high school students, play the game for the money. A fraction of young adults who play dating problems and some become even addicted to the game. To solve this problem, we must first trace how young people start their career in the game.

Some young adults pick up the game from their parents, who are also playing enthusiasts. Some of these parents wear them to gaming events, such as social bingo, which seem innocent and harmless at first, since these children are accompanied by their parents. What parents do not know is that these kids start to develop an interest in playing as well. This is because children like to imitate adults, especially their parents because they want to be treated as adults. For them, the game becomes a sign of maturity.

These children find themselves engaging more and more in some serious gambling games. They find it nice, and exciting, more money attracts very much. The problem is, since they are too young, they are weaker at temptations and urges, and that’s where the problem playing begins. These kids are jumping classes or surrounding their friends and family just to be able to play. It is reported that children as young as ten show signs of problem playing, this is similar to what you may see in adult problem gamblers.

Currently, statistics tell us that there are more boys who suffer from the gambling problem than there are girls, but the number of girl problem gamblers is increasing dramatically each day. This means that your daughters and sons are at great risk. Although this is fun to play with your friends and family, problem gamblers find it quickly to be boring which is why they are quickly shifting to higher stakes playing.

What is the moral of the story? Be careful what you show your children. You can not know it, but they copy your actions because they look up to you. Sometimes you teach them unknowingly things, like when you take them to gambling houses. It’s great to expose your kids to a lot of things, but be sure to be there when they want to explore more to guide them to to be ready. The game is a great thing, and if not monitored properly, children can develop the problem playing.