Installing a backgammon board

For informal backgammon players, forgetting how to organize the backgammon board is such a convenience. Follow these directions and you will learn the installation quickly. It is worth noting that this is the first important step in playing the game of backgammon. Here are steps

1. Fix the board on the same playground between the competitors. 2. Count the controllers to make sure you have the correct number. Both players should have 15 of two colors, totaling 30 controllers. 3. Understand the backgammon boundaries. The 24 triangular sections where the controllers are first located and where they will proceed are known as points. 4. There are two panels including the home board, which contains the central areas of the two players (the color of the controller determines your home board), and the outer board. The two boards are separated by the bar. 5. If you play serious backgammon, the doubling cube could be used, but it has no bearing on the initial positioning. 6. Decide which player will represent who color. 7. Place five controllers of your shade on the point closest to the bar, but at your home board. Your opponent should do so on his area. 8. Put a couple of your controllers on the furthest point of the bar, inside your opponent’s home board. Your opponent must also place his controllers on the same region in your area. 9. Three of your controllers should now be located on the second point of the bar, at the outside board on your area. The same action should be done by your opponent. 10. The point on the far side of the bar should be filled with five of your controllers, but still inside the outer board of our opponent. Likewise, your opponent should act on his five controllers. 11. Of an alternative, a system based on a method of evaluating points should be used. Points are scored for each player (the count is 1 to 24) starting from home board. 12. The positioning of the controllers proceeds in this way: five controllers on point 6, three for each point 8, five again for all 13 points and a couple of controllers on all 24 points.

Backgammon Indicators: 1. Backgammon panel organization can look more complicated than it really is. 2. It is worry-free where the home board or outboard board is located, as long as they are placed on similar sides.

Before you can get your game backgammon going, you must understand and practice the importance of installing your backgammon board.