Online Gambling Safety Courtesy of eCOGRA

It would be a comfort for online gamblers to know that there is a governing body out there that regulates online gambling websites to ensure the protection of its players. eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance or eCOGRA is this governing body, and when a website receives its seal of approval, you can be sure that you will play in a fair and safe online gambling environment.

You can easily tell if an online gambling site is eCOGRA recognized, because they will usually display this seal on their main page. This seal is usually the first thing that experienced online gamblers look for in a gambling site. Having this seal usually entails that the gambling site will give out their customer’s winnings in a timely manner, their personal information will be kept confidential and there are no dodgy deals advertised.

Before an online gambling site is granted eCOGRA’s “Safe and Fair” seal, they would have to pass the organization’s minimum requirements called the eGAP or Generally Accepted Practices. eCOGRA representatives continually monitor these sites to ensure that they constantly conduct their businesses professionally.

Another advantage of eCOGRA is directed to the players. If a player plays in an eCOGRA accredited site and the player should have a valid complaint, eCOGRA can step in to offer the player a mediation service for free. A Fair Gaming Advocate can also assist you in your case against the online gambling website.

To date, eCOGRA has already accredited over 100 online gaming websites and has awarded them with their “Safe and Fair” seal. In 2006, out of the 457 complaints filed by players against eCOGRA recognized site, 161 were resolved in favor of the player.

Because of eCOGRA’s continued efforts, the online gaming industry is constantly improving and honest gaming websites are given the credibility they deserve. The online gamblers are also protected from scam websites that are all over the internet – their selection process for the best online gambling sites out there is also made much easier.

The standardization of the online gambling industry may take some time, but with having a governing body with player protection, fair gaming and responsible conduct in mind, the industry is certainly taking a step in the right direction. As a result, deceitful operators can be kept at bay, and honest operators will be able to enjoy more business as the online gambling environment becomes a safer place that can entice more customers.